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Dr. Flohr and his staff are so wonderful. He is exceptional at knowing just what each patient needs. His generosity and professionalism is the very best


I always am greeted with a warm welcome, guided with an amiable conversation, and treated with exceptional chiropractic care.
Thanks guys


Friendly staff, excellent chiropractic care. Josh helps me every time. He is gentle and thorough!


Dr. Josh Flohr at Flohr Chiropractic has been treating me for years. He has always gone above and beyond in his care of me. He never makes me feel rushed and always listens to me. I have had a pain in my right eye for 16 months. I would wake up in the night with anxiety because it wasn’t normal. I went to my doctor, my regular doctor, and specialist, and none of them could tell me what was wrong with my eye. Josh always asked how it was feeling. When he got certified to do dry needling, he asked if I was willing to try it. I said yes, and after 4 treatments my eye has completely quit hurting. My neck has never felt this strong and free of pain. It has been such a physical blessing to me and I highly recommend it to everyone.


Yes, Dr. Flohr is a very professional, Personal, and Proficient healing chiropractor. He seems to get to the cause of our issues. Both my husband and I have been treated through the Dr. Flohr Chiropractic clinic. The staff are all super efficient also.


Dr Josh Flohr has given an incredible level of care that went above and beyond. Working hand in hand when needed with other Dr.’s, therapists and performing outstanding care of my spine (specifically my neck), I could never put into words how grateful I am for Dr. Flohr’s professional care I’ve received, and certainly this includes the comforting staff!


“Dr. Barry is incredible!  She is so friendly, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to make me feel pain free, even after I leave the clinic.  I tried a million things to find relief.  I’m so glad I met her!”


When I first came in, I could hardly move, but Dr. Barry was so helpful and kind that I left feeling ten times better.  She was able to figure out and fix what other doctors couldn’t. I’ve been going for a few months now and would recommend them to anyone! The whole staff at Montana Team Chiropractic is absolutely incredible. They treat you like family.  Thank you for all that you have done.